Train your brain every day, with this exciting and original skill puzzle game.

Use your logic and mental speed to help the intrepid knight Troyis™ to resolve the puzzle as fast as possible.

Discover a unique, smart and addictive game in which you will evolve every day in a peaceful, relaxed and idyllic Mediterranean environment bathed by turquoise waters!

Collect gold and gems with new challenges, in the mine, ice cave, bottom of the sea and more...

" Simple, but insanely addictive... "

" Easy to start but difficult to master... "

" When I found Troyis, I found some real stimulation! "

" Addicting, fun and awesome! I can't stop playing! "

" The funniest way to train your brain every day! "

" This is a really amazing game! "

" Is there some type of addictive substance that is coming through the screen into my eye sockets? "

" Once you get started, you just can't stop. "

" I love this game!!! "

" Cant go to bed till i have my nightly dose of Troyis!!! "

" It's really great game. I love it!! !"

" I love Troyis more than my girlfriend..."

" It's so simple, but fantastic! "

Note: Chess rules NOT required...

Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.

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